Summer 2020 
How will you maintain academic success? 
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-  Actions to take NOW to avoid the dread summer drop off   -   
  1. How to integrate summer education into your child's routine 
  2. The best go to resources that you will need (no need to search!
  3. How to talk to your child about the importance of summer work
  4. How to create a success timeline so you are not doing your summer reading and math packets Labor Day weekend
  5. How to be at the top of your game when school resumes
  6. Summer academic course remediation
    Plug gaps, solidify your knowledge, be ready for 
  7. Summer academic course acceleration
    To level up or not to level up? 
  8. Bonus -  A complimentary  consultation with Dr Greene 
The goal is simple: To provide actions that can be applied immediately to maximize your education during the summer and to provide long term skills. 
I look forward to working together. 
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